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The CF800-XS Precision Friction Tester determines Static and Kinetic Friction of packaging materials to ASTM, BS, ISO and TAPPI standards.

Accuracy and versatility in testing is vital, and the CF800-XS Precision Friction Tester provides the technology and range of options to deliver for your specific needs. An intelligent controller and touchscreen user interface stores multiple settings for later recall and controls settings to ensure calibrated accuracy to international testing standards.

The successful processing of flexible films or paper and board is largely dependent on the correct coating of ‘SLIP’ additives applied to the material. The successful forming of the material requires easy sliding or flow over formers on the packaging machine where at high-speed acute angles can change the direction of flow to produce a tube or pouch. The application of ink on the film will cause the properties of slip to change, therefore the need to measure and control Coefficient of Friction is paramount.

CF800-XS Precision Friction Tester


With features like:

  • 5.7″ touchscreen controller for precise control and measurement of force, distance, and speed
  • Memory recipe function for a quick and accurate recall of settings
  • Vacuum suction across the test bed for fast clamping of test material
  • Optional heated test bed for determination of ‘Hot Slip’ values.


HL-1 Low Pressure Laboratory Heat Sealer

The satisfactory development, manufacture, conversion, and application of flexible packaging films necessitates the implementation of precise methods of quality control systems.
The HL-1 has been developed to precisely control the parameters essential in determining the heat seal threshold of low-pressure heat sealing material for applications where low-pressure sealing is required, often associated with the product being packaged such as the Tobacco or chocolate confectionery Industries.

The HL-1 has a floating top jaw which has a given seal area and weighs the exact amount to produce the correct pressure needed according to the force per unit area calculation. The seal alignment is easily achieved because of the floating top jaw.

Especially suited for flexible packaging materials used in the Tobacco or Confectionery industry, the HL-1 features accurate control of temperature, pressure and dwell time of a standard surface area sealing jaw.