Micro-Structure patterns have been proven to greatly improve ink transfer and dot fidelity, these patterns and textures are sensitive to variations in mask exposure and plate processing. They benefit from the same process control techniques provided by the BetaFlex Pro but require much higher magnification and resolution as provided by the BetaFlex HR (High-Resolution) Flexo Analyser.

BetaFlex HR (High-Resolution) Flexo Analyser

Operating at 43,000 pixels per inch compared to the 14,000 ppi of the BetaFlex Pro, halftones as coarse as 175 lpi and plate patterns as fine as 1500 lpi are automatically analysed for dot area, diameter, edge factor and more.

Operating in transmission mode only, the Betaflex HR (High-Resolution) Flexo Analyser provides critical insight into the most sophisticated screening techniques available today and is the perfect complement to the BetaFlex Pro which offers 3D Imaging (HD Flexo), 2D transmission, reflection color dot % analysis, as well as many other features.

New statistical functions count and quantify the distribution of cell sizes above and below the user-specified target value.



The physical size of the elements created are typically beyond the capability of the BetaFlex PRO with screen frequencies over 1000 lines per inch (390 l/cm) and features 0.0004 inches (10 microns) or less. Features of these microscopic dimensions need to be measured and evaluated for uniformity, shape and position. The principles of Process Control apply here in the same way as they do in halftone control.