Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyser

The Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyser was developed to meet the needs of a specific market segment – Clean Water Applications.

Some features of the existing BioTector series are not required in these applications eg. particulate handling and the ability to manage Fats, Oils, and Greases. But customers with clean water applications still want the reassuring quality of a BioTector Analyser. So, in response to their feedback, we developed the  Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyser.

BioTector System-C for clean water applications will give you process insights, process incident alerts, environmental monitoring, energy optimisation, product loss prevention, water loss prevention, boiler protection and plant protection.

And it comes with the award-winning performance that you expect from the BioTector patented Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation technology (TSAO).

  • Lightweight and portable analyser
  • Dimensions: 750 x 500 x 320 mm
  • Low-cost option for low range clean TOC analysis
  • Certified accuracy better than +/- 3% of reading or +/- 0.03mgC/l (30ppb), whichever is greater
  • Certified uptime of 99.86%
  • Minimal maintenance – needs only two routine maintenance events per year
  • Captures and quantifies volatile components in TOC measurement while excluding and quantifying inorganic carbon content of the stream
  • Continuous online analysis with the ability to instantly stop and start when required
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous area options
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Lowest reagent consumption for TOC measurement
  • Rapid payback on investment