Hach BioTector 7000i TOC-TP Online Analyser

The Hach BioTector 7000i TOC-TP Online Analyser, or Total Phosphorous, Analyser is an additional analysis tool available from BioTector Analytical Systems. When the BioTector oxidises organic carbon compounds for TOC measurement, it also reduces phosphorus compounds (with the exception of poly-phosphates) to orthophosphates (PO4-). This phosphate is present as an ion in the oxidized sample fluid in the BioTector reactor.

OOP Measurement:

When both TOC and TN analysis are complete, the sample fluid is reacted with a Vanadate-Molybdate reagent at 70°C to produce an acidic compound. The spectrophotometer then analyses this sample at the wavelengths applicable to ortho-phosphates. The result is displayed as Oxidized and Ortho-Phosphorus (OOP). For applications without any polyphosphates, the OOP is equal to TP.

TP Measurement:

For applications with significant polyphosphate concentrations, a further step is required to arrive at the TP result. The sample fluid undergoes an acid boiling at 100°C for 20 minutes, breaking down the polyphosphate bonds into ortho-phosphates. The result is displayed as Total Phosphorus (TP), which is measured using the procedure described above for OOP Analysis.

  • Low Maintenance – No Calibration required between 6-month service intervals
  • High Reliability – Typically 99.7% Uptime
  • Self Cleaning Technology – Prevents clogging & sample contamination
  • Clean & Dirty water analysis (including fats, oils & greases)
  • Can handle chlorides up to 30% and calcium sludge up to 12% by volume
  • No filtering requirements
  • Complete Oxidation of Representative Sample using Patented Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation (TSAO) Technology
  • Multi Range with automatic selection
  • Single or Multi-Stream Option
  • Measured Components: TOC, TN, OOP, TP, COD, BOD, TC, TIC, VOC
  • Very Low Cost of Ownership
  • Guaranteed to handle the most demanding applications
  • Determining the total biodegradable load of influent to
    industrial and municipal waste treatment plants from
    organic carbon, nitrogen & phosphorous
  • Optimising and controlling waste treatment plant
  • Real On-Line COD measurement calculated from
    organic carbon, nitrogen & phosphorous loads
  • Monitoring final effluent
  • Increasing compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring municipal waste treatment plants – influent
    and effluent
  • Monitoring river water
  • Monitoring surface water
  • Monitoring Process Breakthrough and Spills