Colour Inspection

Confirm colour accurately with pinpoint precision and send Colour Inspection reports for approval using GlobalVision. Ensure you’re printing the correct colours with confidence.

  • Verify Colour-Space Values at Every Point

    Find the perfect shade and verify color accuracy anywhere on the actual artwork. Measure individual color space values and inspect the same point on all repeats.

  • Multiple Built-in Pantone Books

    Navigate through a huge library of colors using an easy-to-access drop-down menu. Switch seamlessly between different Pantone books to find the right color, as GlobalVision boasts an extensive library of colors ranging from metallics to pastels.

  • LAB, CMYK, and RGB…and Pantone Values

    Get the closest matches of any point and see precise LAB, CMYK, and RGB color-space values with a single click. Use them as a simple reference or choose one to replace the selected color in the inspection instead.

  • Customizable Delta-E

    Change the tolerance level from point to point to be as strict as you need when detecting differences. With a customizable Delta-E value, Color Inspection flags a point whenever it falls out of that pre-set range, so you know where to focus your attention.

  • Get the closest Pantone matches
  • Colour measurements available in RGB, CMYK, and LAB

  • Ensure colour accuracy

  • Send reports of differences found