VS-1 Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Heat Sealer

Precision Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Heat Sealer – for the production of repeatable high-quality heat seals in nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed medical packaging.

The VS-1 provides the technology and reliability to deliver high-quality heat seals in nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed packages. An intelligent controller and user interface stores multiple settings for later recall and controls settings to ensure the highest quality seals.

Developed specifically for the medical devices industry now available through RDM Test Equipment is a unique sealer that has the ability to gas flush and draw a vacuum on medical device pouches in an attempt to control the atmosphere within the pouch.

The machine has a separate control tower which houses the display and control panel for the VS-1. The display has menu pages, which allows the operator to setup the parameters for flush, vacuum suction and sealing.
The main display shows all the control parameters with bar scales for temperature, pressure, dwell time of the sealing bar, timed flush cycle, timed vacuum cycle, number of cycles required and sealed pouch count.

The temperature and pressure can be set against low and high alarm points that inhibit the sealing cycle should there be a breach.
The tray mechanism moves in and out to allow the operator to load the pouch onto the tong providing the flush and vacuum operation and then when loaded, two handed operation begins the complete cycle on a semi-automatic operation. Because the machine can be set up and used at an infinite number of control parameters the best flush/vacuum/sealing cycle can be set to suit your pouch and produce consistent and reliable seals.

  • MMI display panel with membrane keypad and controller for precise control of temperature, pressure and dwell time.
  • Memory recipe function for quick and accurate recall of settings
  • Precise pressure calibration of standard surface area jaw face
  • Jaws constructed in aluminum and silicon with precision ground faces
  • Range of jaw face surfaces including Matched Crimp and Teflon Coating
  • Benefits:

    • Choose heat sealing bar configuration, either single (upper) or dual (upper & lower, meets ASTM F2029)
    • Tray mechanism for easy pouch loading
    • Accurate and repeatable seals due to precision ground sealing faces and advanced jaw guidance system
    • Versatile applications for multiple sized packages
    • Low Maintenance – 12 months between calibrations