HSE-3 Laboratory Heat Sealer

For production of high-quality heat seals and/or precise measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 300mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

The HSE-3 Laboratory Heat Sealer is used for both R&D and quality control as well as for sealing of small amounts of packages in production. Different to the smaller laboratory heat sealer HS-2 this type is equipped with longer sealing jaws of up to 350 mm and provides optionally a blister pack attachment. The sealing head can be splitted from control unit to allow sealing of filled bags.

Precise control of heat sealing process variables (temperature, pressure, and time), enables an optimal balance of material specification, packaging machine speed and seal integrity. Accuracy and repeatability in laboratory heat seal testing is vital, and the HSE-3 Laboratory Heat Sealer provides precision digital controls for this purpose.


  • Precise pressure calibration of standard surface area jaw face
  • Temperature, pressure and dwell time digital controllers
  • Jaws constructed in aluminum and silicon with precision ground faces
  • Range of jaw face surfaces including Matched Crimp and Teflon Coating
  • Auto cycle feature for greater user convenience with multiple samples
  • Benefits:

    • Choose heat sealing bar configuration, either single (upper) or dual (upper & lower, meets ASTM F2029)
    • User can easily change sealing bar for various surface areas or surface finishes
    • Accurate and repeatable seals due to precision ground sealing faces and jaw guidance system
    • Versatile applications for flexible materials, blister packs and pots
    • Low Maintenance – 12 months between calibrations