HSM-4 Laboratory Heat Sealer

For standard determination of heat sealability. Produces seals up to 50mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

The satisfactory development, manufacture, conversion, and application of flexible packaging films necessitates the implementation of precise methods of quality control systems.

The HSM-4 Laboratory Heat Sealer was developed to precisely control the parameters essential in determining the heat seal threshold.
Especially suited for flexible packaging materials, laminates, foils and paper. The HSM-4 features accurate control of temperature, pressure and dwell time of a standard surface area sealing jaw.

With the introduction of a standard test method ASTM F2029-00 and our heat sealer HSM-4, you can be confident that your heat seal threshold measurement is common to all producers, converters and end users of flexible packaging materials and their eventual applications.

The HSM-4 Laboratory Heat Sealer is used for precise control of heat sealing process variables (temperature, pressure, and dwell time), enables an optimal balance of material specification, packaging machine speed, and seal integrity. Accuracy and repeatability in laboratory heat seal testing is vital, and the HSM-4 provides a standard range of controls for this purpose.

  • Pressure calibration of standard surface area jaw face
  • Temperature digital controller, pressure and dwell time dial controllers
  • Jaws constructed in aluminum and silicon with precision ground faces
  • Range of jaw face surfaces including Matched Crimp and Teflon Coating
  • Benefits:

    • Choose heat sealing bar configuration, either single (upper) or dual (upper & lower, meets ASTM F2029)
    • User can easily change sealing bar for various surface areas or surface finishes
    • Accurate and repeatable seals due to precision ground sealing faces and jaw guidance system
    • Versatile applications for flexible materials, blister packs and pots
    • Low Maintenance – 12 months between calibrations