OX-TRAN® Model 702

The OX-TRAN® Model 702 is the latest innovation in oxygen transmission rate (OTR) oxygen permeability testing, incorporating the finest in technology while setting a new standard for permeation accuracy, throughput, and ease-of-use.

With its simple design, it is ideal for quality control as well as conducting a shelf life study or other research and development. The OX-TRAN® Model 702 incorporates a handy QuickStart feature allowing an operator to begin oxygen testing during a shelf life study or another scenario with only four mouse clicks. Security features to protect critical test setups and control multiple-user situations are standard.

The OX-TRAN® Model 702 complies with ASTM D-3985, F-1927, and F-1307 is certified traceable to NIST and is CFR21 Part 11 compliant. These, plus optional validation and certification services and service contracts ensure you we will meet all regulatory requirements. Incorporating only the highest quality components enables you to trust the result on which your critical business decisions are made.

Purpose and standards:

It is used for quality check and quality assurance of production of barrier films and packages.

Standards that are complied with are ASTM D-3985 films, ASTM F-1927 films, ASTM F-1307 packages and DIN 53380 films.

  • Seven test cells
  • Quick start Function
  • Patented Coulox® sensor
  • Pneumatic clamping push button test cells
  • Removable cells
  • Operator friendly software
  • Automatic electronic flow control
  • Test up to seven films or packages simultaneously
  • No calibration required
  • Film and package testing in any combination
  • Easy sample preparation
  • OTR Test Range: (see Note 1)
  • Test Temperature Range: 5C – 50C with computer controlled bath
  • Relative Humidity Conditions: Dry
  • Sensor: Red COULOX Sensor
  • Test Sample Size:
    • Films: 4.25 in x 4.25 in (10.8 cm x 10.8 cm)
    • Packages: Up to 3 liters per package
  • Number of Test Cells: Seven-50 cm2
  • Expandable up to 10 modules: (70 test cells)
  • Automatic Temperature Control: (Standard)
  • Computer, Monitor, Printer and WinPerm® Permeability Software (Standard)
  • Operating System: Windows® 2000
  • Automatic Digital Barometric Pressure Compensator (optional)
Note #1
Samplecc/(m2 · day)cc/(100 in2 · day)cc/(pkg · day)
Unmasked0.01 – 2000.00025 – 1.00.00005 – 1.0
Masked0.1 – 20000.007 – 129