Three Automated Tests in One:


  • Micro-Leak Measurement System


  • The OXYLOS LEAK/O2/CO2 allows you to measure the rate of O2 / COand the airtightness across all types of containers and packaging, with or without a protective atmosphere, and without having to use any consumables (no need to use needles or septums). Automated and safe, this appliance can be adapted to your production constraints, providing you with sampling tools and customised positioning. The high-end analyser from the ABISS brand provides you with solutions for packaging when space above the contents is limited. Able to be synchronised to the packaging line, the OXYLOS LEAK/O2/CO2 becomes autonomous and does not require an operator in order to carry out measurements. This analyser is ideal for production.

    Product advantages

    • 3 en 1: MAP + micro Leak + burst
    • Standards :
      • DIN 55508-1 : Flow measurement under constant pressure
      • ASTM F1140 – Seal resistance
      • ASTM F2054 – Burst testing
    • No consumable
    • Fully hand safe
    • Laser positionning tool for sample
    • Can be synchronised to conveyors
    • Effective hole size calculation down to 5 μm
    • Solutions where available space above the product is limited
    • Fully traceable via an internal spreadsheet
    • The needles are cleaned automatically
    • Remote maintenance 7 days a week, with remote connection available

    Expert advice

    • The calibrated leaks make periodic verifications easy to carry out.
    • We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach.
    • We would advise you to regularly save the data you have collected and to secure any power supplies.
    • Check that there is enough space above the product to carry out the measurement or use our specially adapted needles and accessories.
    Affected packaging types:



    Custom placement toolsyes
    Ingress protection of enclosureIP 41
    Measurement deviceBench-mounted
    EnclosureAcier inox
    Weight28 kg
    Width560 mm
    Height495 mm
    Depth473 mm
    Power100-240VAC -50/60Hz – 63W
    Feed pressure4 to 8 Bar (dry and oil free filtred to 20 µm) filtered at 20μm
    Inlet pneumatic connection diameter4 x 6 mm tube connection
    Memory capacity4 to 32go
    DisplayColor touchscreen 7’’
    Digital interfaces1 USB 2.0 and 1 Ethernet RJ45
    Storage conditions0 – 70°C / 0 – 90% HR
    Terms of use0 – 40°C / 10 – 90% HR
    O2 Oxygen measurementTechnology : Electrochemical sensor
    T90 response time : 750 ms
    Accuracy : +/- 1% relative
    Lifetime : 18 months in airResolution : +/-0,01%
    Repeatability : +/- 0,03%
    CO2 Carbon Dioxide measurementTechnology : NDIR
    Accuracy : +/- 2% full scale
    Resolution : 0,1%
    T90 response time : 7s
    SamplingPumping flow : 12l/h
    Sample volumes : Mini 14 ml to reach a value <1% O2
    Pressure measurementyes
    Leak measurementTechnology : Flowmeter
    Accuracy : +/-2% full scale
    Resolution : 0,1ml/min – 1μm
    Repeatability : +/-0.3% relative
    Flow scales : 0-500ml/min – From 5μm to 500μm (lab option)
    Test pressure : From 10 to 500 mbar +/- 1mbar
    Inflating flow : 4200 ml/min at 20 mbar
    Compressed air supply : 4 to 8 Bar (dry and oil free filtred to 20 µm)
    Burst testTechnology : Barometric
    Accuracy : +/- 0,5% full scale
    Resolution : 1mbar
    Flow scales : 0,2 – 1,4 bar
    Quick inflating flow : Minimum 250l/h
    Burst pressure : Up to 1,4 bar
    Blocked circuit detectionyes
    Pump suction controlyes
    Compensation for atmospheric pressure variationsyes
    Results storageyes
    USB Connectionyes
    TraceabilityFormat, line, operator, batch number, comment at the end of the test
    Remote ConnectionRemote control possible for remote maintenance
    Network connection (Ethernet socket)yes
    Automatic non-septum testyes
    Needles automatic cleaningyes
    OptionsNew : Continuous measurement of the injection gas
    Lab option: Flow scales 5-500 µm and display of leak and burst curves
    The device can be integrated online and synchronised to conveyors; Interface ERPs
    External router LAN-WAN-3G for remote access
    Synchronised automatic triggering
    • Tank 2,5L + 1 way valve
    • Bar code scanner 1D USB
    • Pressure regulator compressed air
    • Metal detected stylus
    • Magnetic tools to position small packages in the chamber of test
    • Opening reduction plate for Oxylos with magnetic holders
    • Needle cleaning tool
    • Needle bevel point + soft suction cup
    • Needle solid bevel point + soft suction cup – main stream block – side drilled opening
    • Needle bevel point + soft suction cup – side drilled opening
    • Pinholes 20µm
    • Pinholes 30µm
    • Pinholes 75µm
    • Pinholes 100µm
    • Pinholes 200µm
    • Pinholes 400µm
    • Calibration certificate
    • 2 Needles with the bellows
    • Metal detected stylus
    • 1 Regulator filter for compressed air
    • 1 Mains cord
    • User manual