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EXOS LEAK/O2/CO2 - Appleby Instrumentation


Three Automated Tests in One:


  • Micro-Leak Measurement System


  • The EXOS LEAK/O2/CO2 allows you to measure the rate of O/ CO2 and the airtightness for all types of packaging, containers and pneumatic circuits. This measurement device also checks the resistance of sealing using a bursting test. These three tests can be carried out in quick succession on the same packaging. The EXOS lets you inspect the integrity of your packaging, and can be used in the laboratory as well as during the manufacturing process.

    Product advantages

    • Standards :
      • DIN 55508-1 : Flow measurement under constant pressure
      • ASTM F1140 – Seal resistance
      • ASTM F2054 – Burst testing
    • Measures with low excessive pressure
    • Breathability measurement (micro-perforated films)
    • Tested on vacuum packaging
    • Fully traceable via an internal spreadsheet
    • Excessive pressure can be fitted manually or automatically
    • Remote maintenance 7 days a week, with remote connection available

    Expert advice

    • Calibrated leaks let you carry out regular, easy checks
    • Ensure that there is enough space above the contents for you to be able to take measurements, or use our specially designed needles and accessories
    • Begin the measurement cycle before introducing the needle into the packaging (in order to measure the leak)
    • Air adjustment requires the full attention and skill of a supervisor, given the various environmental variables
    • We would advise connecting to a crimped power supply
    • We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach
    • We would suggest regularly saving the data you have collected and making sure your power supplies are safe
    • Safety: For user protection, we recommend using the sheath incorporated into the EXOS LEAK/O2/CO2 appliance
    Affected packaging types:


    • Ingress protection of enclosureIP 41 (54 option)
      Measurement deviceBench-mounted
      EnclosureEnclosure Aluminium, stainless steel, ABS
      Weight5 kg
      Width340 mm
      Height170 mm
      Depth230 mm
      Power100-240VAC -50/60Hz – 63W
      Feed pressure4 to 8 Bar (dry and oil free filtred to 20 µm) filtered at 20μm
      Inlet pneumatic connection diameter4 x 6 mm tube connection
      Memory capacity4 to 32go
      DisplayColor touchscreen 7’’
      Digital interfaces1 USB 2.0 and 1 Ethernet RJ45
      Storage conditions0 – 70°C / 0 – 90% HR
      Terms of use0 – 40°C / 10 – 90% HR
      SamplingPumping flow : 12l/h
      Pressure measurementyes
      Leak measurementTechnology : Flowmeter
      Accuracy : +/-2% full scale
      Resolution : 0,1ml/min – 1μm
      Flow scales : 0-500ml/min – From 5μm to 500μm (lab option)
      Test pressure : From 10 to 500 mbar +/- 1mbar
      Inflating flow : 4200 ml/min at 20 mbar
      Compressed air supply : 4 to 8 Bar (dry and oil free filtred to 20 µm)
      Burst testTechnology : Barometric
      Accuracy : +/- 0,5% full scale
      Resolution : 1mbar
      Flow scales : 0,2 – 1,4 bar
      Quick inflating flow : Minimum 250l/h
      Burst pressure : Up to 1,4 bar
      Blocked circuit detectionyes
      Results storageyes
      USB Connectionyes
      TraceabilityFormat, line, operator, batch number, comment at the end of the test
      Remote ConnectionRemote control possible for remote maintenance
      Network connection (Ethernet socket)yes
      OptionsIP 54
      Lab option: Flow scales 5-500 µm and display of leak and burst curves
      Waterproof RJ45 Ethernet jack
      External router LAN-WAN-3G for remote access
    • Sampling kit for leak measurement
    • Set of 2 needles
    • Roll of 1000 septums leak for leak analysis
    • Box of 12 needles 2×30 mm for Exos
    • Flexible probe holder
    • Needle cleaning tool
    • Tank 2,5L + 1 way valve
    • Pressure regulator compressed air
    • Can piercer
    • Secured needle holder for Exos and Stratos
    • Carry case IP67 for Exos
    • Bar code scanner 1D USB
    • Metal detected stylus
    • Pinholes 20µm
    • Pinholes 30µm
    • Pinholes 75µm
    • Pinholes 100µm
    • Pinholes 200µm
    • Pinholes 400µm
    • Calibration certificate
    • A carry case IP67 : 566x438x216 mm
    • 1 Sampling kit
    • 2 Needles
    • 100 Septums for leak measurement
    • Metal detected stylus
    • Pressure regulator compressed air
    • Power supply
    • User manual