• Are you worried about the upcoming deadlines?

    Overhead is one of the biggest challenges in high-throughput design environments.

    Archiving, filing, renaming, notifying and tracking end up costing more and more of your valuable time.

  • Emails, phone calls, notes, files, shared folders, annotated artworks…

    Is it hard to stay up to date with all the developments?

    Design processes should be straight forward and easy to follow so everyone stays involved!

  • Changes, revisions, edits and even more changes.

    Think you’re done? Think again!

    Reworks are costly and frustrating. If everyone is involved on the same page you can have less iterations!

  • Twona is used for creating the ideal artwork for printed packaging components, which is essential for the validity of products, especially where it comes to highly regulated & controlled industries such as for pharmaceuticals.

    Ensuring that it is done correctly, on time and right first time can be a challenge. Often there is pressure to produce the artwork within a set timescale to meet launch dates and if not correctly managed, errors can occur with the potential for recalls.

    An efficiently configured Artwork Management System can relieve you of this pressure by giving all stakeholders quick & easy access to the information they need. Schedules are met, reworks are avoided and errors don’t pass through the process.

  • Customisable workflows
    Define as many workflows as you like, which suit your team with an easy Wysiwyg editor.
  • Tag based archive
    Define tags for your artworks and projects based on your preferences. Retrieving and finding files is no longer a memory game.
  • Email notifications
    Get automatic notifications sent to your email address for those important milestones in your artwork processes.
  • KPI reporting
    Identify important aspects in your process by means of relevant custom-made performance metrics.
  • Artwork versioning
    Forget about overwriting critical files, Good Manufacturing Practices is in our DNA.
  • Artwork versioning
    Forget about overwriting critical files, Good Manufacturing Practices is in our DNA.
  • Automation engine
    Reduce the hassle in coordinating tasks by automating them: notifications, strict approval processes, tracking and many others.