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The GlobalVision Text Inspection software compares two unlike documents to manage the accuracy of text along the artwork, document, and packaging creation workflow. It’s perfect for making sure there aren’t any unintended changes as your text moves from your copy document to artwork to print.

How it works:

  1. The Text Inspection software simultaneously reads and compares the text of two separate documents.
  2. This software is based on reading and comparing the Unicode value of each character, a text code that is common to all computer systems.
  3. If the Unicode characters are different, the differences are highlighted in a report.

With features like:

  • Ensure copy integrity
  • Inspect text in foreign languagesText Inspection
  • Compare different file formats
  • Find every difference type

The GreenLight® 910 unit significantly reduces the testing time and labour needed to determine aerobic bacterial counts in meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, produce, etc. Processors and packers get same-day, precise results in a cost-effective manner.

“The GreenLight technology will be appealing to most quality control and laboratory professionals because it simplifies, and therefore cuts time out of, the sample prep phase. Depending on the expected bacterial load, results can be obtained between minutes and eight hours. This is significantly faster than the agar or film plate methods, which typically require 48 hours to achieve a meaningful microbial count. Shorter testing cycles provide packers and processors with the potential of getting their perishable food items to the consumer in less time,” said

Mark Theno, food safety product manager,” MOCON.

Additionally, the cost-effective unit has a small bench-top footprint and an easy-to-use PC software interface with multiple measurement modes. It also has the ability to generate a unique ID for each test making it easy to track specific vials in a busy work environment.

With features like:

  • Used to test the growth and enumeration of microbial samples
  • Single well reader for use with APCheck™ vials 2 mL or 15 mL with an optional adapter
  • Internal incubation of samples
  • Included Windows® softwareGreenLight® 910
  • No moving parts
  • Three testing modes allowing external incubation to boost throughput

HSM-4 Laboratory Heat Sealer

The HSM-4 Laboratory Heat Sealer was developed to precisely control the parameters essential in determining the heat seal threshold.
Especially suited for flexible packaging materials, laminates, foils, and paper. The HSM-4 features accurate control of temperature, pressure and dwell time of a standard surface area sealing jaw.

This Heat Sealer is used for precise control of heat sealing process variables (temperature, pressure, and dwell time), enables an optimal balance of material specification, packaging machine speed, and seal integrity. Accuracy and repeatability in laboratory heat seal testing is vital, and the HSM-4 provides a standard range of controls for this purpose.

With features like:

  • Pressure calibration of standard surface area jaw face
  • Temperature digital controller, pressure and dwell time dial controllersHSM-4 Laboratory Heat Sealer
  • Jaws constructed in aluminum and silicon with precision ground faces
  • Range of jaw face surfaces including Matched Crimp and Teflon Coating

Twona Artwork Management

Twona is used for creating the ideal artwork for printed packaging components, which is essential for the validity of products, especially where it comes to highly regulated & controlled industries such as for pharmaceuticals. Ensuring that it is done correctly, on time and right first time can be a challenge. Often there is pressure to produce the artwork within a set timescale to meet launch dates and if not correctly managed, errors can occur with the potential for recalls. An efficiently configured Artwork Management System can relieve you of this pressure by giving all stakeholders quick & easy access to the information they need. Schedules are met, reworks are avoided and errors don’t pass through the process.


 With features like:

Image of Twona Logo

  • Customisable workflows: Define the workflow that best fits your team with an easy Wysiwyg editor.
  • Email notifications: Get notifications on your mailbox for those important milestones in your artwork processes.
  • Automation engine: Get the best out of your team by automating those silly tasks: notifications, strict approval processes, tracking and many other.
  • Artwork versioning: Forget about overwriting critical files, Good Manufacturing Practices is in our DNA.
  • Label based archive: Define labels for your artworks based on your preferences. Filtering and retrieving is no longer a memory game.
  • KPI reporting: Identify critical aspects in your workflow by means of relevant performance metrics.
  • Artwork comparison: Reduce quality assurance time by means of automated artwork content and graphic comparison.
  • Artwork annotation: Simplify the change requests by annotating your artworks right on your browser.