PERMATRAN-W® Model 3/34


The PERMATRAN W 3/34 water vapor permeation instrument is designed specifically to increase your lab’s efficiency, streamline your operations, and improve throughput. Your operators will now spend less time setting up and monitoring permeation tests, allowing them to achieve more in less time.

Less skills are required as a new user interface and increased automation has simplified testing, which reduces the costs associated with training new staff members or transitioning responsibilities within the company. Starting a new test can be as simple as the press of a single button in certain applications. Operators are able to pre-program a range of tests and different conditions and run them continuously without operator intervention.

Advanced technology has enabled the PERMATRAN-W 3/34 to automatically assign the ideal calibration mid-test based on trending data, instead of requiring that the operator predicts the outcome before they start the test. This means that a test will never have to be rerun due to a mistaken calibration choice.

Easier to use:

  • Fully automated temperature and humidity controls
  • Automatic calibration selection
  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Touch screen interface

Increased productivity:

  • Elimination of individual zero
  • Save on labour hours with less in-test monitoring
  • Remote access and control

More throughput:

  • Less re-tests as a result of incorrect calibration