OX-TRAN® Model 2/12


The OX-TRAN® Model 2/12 is used to detect and measure small amounts of oxygen as it passes through barrier materials such as plastics and composites that are used in all types of packaging. OX-TRAN systems enable you to measure the effects of temperature and relative humidity on high-barrier films and packages. By using an electrochemical sensor, this system provides a high sensitivity even in the presence of water vapor. This makes it ideal for deciding how thick and what barrier material will best suit the project at hand. It is also well suited for incoming QC situations to measure vendor compliance with your specifications.

All test results are recorded by refined, user-friendly software that provides graphs, tables, and numerical listings. In addition to barrier oxygen transmission testing, another configuration of the “2/12” is designed to measure high transmission rates for fresh-cut produce packaging applications.
Easily create the testing environment you need by choosing from a variety of system configurations that fit your budget today, while enabling you to expand your system in the future. OX-TRAN Master Module designs let you choose the level of sophistication you need, while add-on “satellite” testing stations let you boost test-cell capacity when necessary. You can link up to 20 of these modular test cells together for unmatched flexibility.